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Silence of the Belle
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The Crew

Marx Pyle


Marx Pyle


Marx Pyle

Marx Pyle is the Writer, Director, and Producer of "Silence of the Belle."

After attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems, Marx decided to pursue a dream he had since childhood - filmmaking. Leaving his home in Evansville, Indiana, Marx went to Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, British Columbia to study film production.

In Vancouver he worked on a wide range of projects, including short films, independent feature length films, documentaries, reality television and commercials. His roles in such projects have varied just as much: Producer, Writer, Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Mixer and of course the infamous Production Assistant.

He also studied another hobby of his outside of school - fight choreography, which naturally arose out of his interest and background in martial arts. Marx's training in martial arts ranges greatly in different styles: Jun Fan, Kali, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Pacific Archipelago Combatives, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Silat, Judo and more.

Missing home he returned to the Tri-State, where he has worked as a freelancer in various film projects. Recently he found like minded creative minds to team-up with on Batman Metaphors. Now they have joined up again, with some new additions to the crew, to create "Silence of the Belle."

In his spare time, Marx loves working out, writing, practicing martial arts, watching movies, reading a good book and spending time with family and friends.

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Niel Kellen is the Director of Photography

Neil has had some sort of motion picture camera in his hands since he was 10 years old. Starting out with a Kodak Super 8, he created many five minute short films with his good friend, Gregg Hale (The Blair Witch Project, Seventh Moon).

After college Neil graduated to the world of broadcast television and independent video production. That of course inevitably led him to the popular field of Digital Filmmaking where he has worked on and been recognized for many amazing projects.

Niel is currently listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for his critically acclaimed 10 minute short film "FOREVER" which was shot in 2007. His credits also include "BATMAN|Metaphors" and "Abaddon"

Neil is not only a gifted director, cinematographer and talented writer, but also a loving husband and father.

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Niel Kellen


Niel Kellen
Lewis Chaney


Lewis Chaney

Lewis D. Chaney is the Lighting Technician

Lewis has been working in the Television Industry for 24 years. For 16 years, he was packing a video camera around, in various capacities, having worked as an Assistant Chief News Photographer; Commercial Production Supervisor; and freelance Videographer. He has worked on both the local and national levels, having worked for WEHT in Evansville Indiana; WSMV in Nashville, Tennessee; and Jim Owens and Associates, Nashville, Tennessee. JOA produced shows for The Nashville Network, including Crook and Chase; This Week in Country Music and Today's Country.

In his job he has covered everything from the homeless to the last leg of the World Tour of Garth Brooks in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and everything in between. He has shot and edited Emmy Award -winning and Emmy Award- nominated stories and series. In addition, he has been making short films for over 20 years and is a professional Mentalist and Magician.

He currently resides in Henderson, Kentucky with his wife Karessa and their two sons, Spencer and Evan.

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Julie Seaton-Pyle is the Assistant Director

Julie Seaton Pyle was born and raised in Evansville, IN and after graduating from Central High School, attended the University of Southern Indiana where she majored in Print Journalism/Computer Publishing, while also dabbling in creative writing, literature and languages. This is also where she met Marx, the man with whom she would take the plunge into marriage and, years later, into another passion—filmmaking.

When she isn't working on her latest film project, she enjoys belly dancing, international folk dancing, jewelry making/beadwork, playing piano, playing percussion in her church, singing in a German choir, trying out new recipes and relaxing with her husband and their three cats and rabbit. And sometimes, if she's lucky, she still finds the time to curl up with a really good book.

Julie Seaton-Pyle


Julie Seaton-Pyle
Theresa Chadwick


Theresa Chadwick

Theresa Chadwick is the Script Supervisor

Theresa Chadwick is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana, where she began her career as a news reporter in radio at the university radio station. While continuing her studies, she interned at WIKY in news, and upon graduation, became a news reporter for WYNG. She entered television in 1983 as the host of Woman's Corner, a 5-minute public affairs program on the daily noon newscast for WEHT, where she produced, directed, edited and hosted her own program. Theresa later moved into the cable advertising where she held several positions including producing, scripting and editing television commercials.

Theresa's first short film, a 45-minute black & white movie called "Puppy Love: An Old Fashioned Ghost Story", was her 1st attempt as videographer and Assistant Director. This led to other movie, music video and short film projects over the next 20 years, including the latest movie project, "victimEyes", where she is credited with Assistant Director/Script Supervisor. Theresa still works in cable advertising as the Office Manager for Viamedia, a broadband communications partner for WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone. She resides in Evansville with her husband, Mike, and her dog, Miko. She has one son, Branden, who resides in Mississippi.

Jarrod Moschner is the Art Director, Editor, VFX Artist, and Web Designer

Jarrod has a wide range of interests and backgrounds to draw from. Having backgrounds in math, science, as well as degrees in Graphic Design and Web & Multimedia is immensely helpful in the art process for film.

His acting experience is limited mostly to some Shakespearean theatre in high school and college and the infamous (and seemly lost/destroyed) short film Ghetto Cowboy Ninjas. Behind the scenes he has been most active in television and in the RPG industry. He is an accomplished writer having written for both Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG and the Angel RPG. He has also written for various gaming companies and traveled to many conventions and industry events.

His film works have been mostly substituted with working in television. He has recently begun branching back out into film with this and a number of other projects.

Jarrod Moschner

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