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Silence of the Belle
CastCrewStoryMediaSilence of the Belle

the story

Belle struggles over leaving her current boyfriend, who cheated on her, or going back to a "bad boy" EX. After a shocking accident at work, she awakens in an odd hospital and finds her herself in a bizarre silent film world where she thinks she has found her dream man, but instead finds danger in this unique mishmash of modern day dramedy and classic silent film horror with splash of old school Kung Fu movie mixed in.


The Story


Belle is an intelligent, optimistic and charming woman. She works in tech support at her company. Belle has a highly active imagination, which leads to some well...odd behavior at times. She also has the uncanny ability to pick terrible men to date. She sort of knows this, since her friend Louise constantly reminds her, but it still hasn't really sunk in. Oh, and she can fix a PC like nobody's business, but tends to be a little accidental.

Louise works with Belle. She is sort of a big sister to her and is always giving her advice, but finds it doesn't always stick. Louise is a strong woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind.


Don is a successful businessman who can't keep his pants on. He says all of the right things and has looks that can melt any woman's heart...and he knows it.

The Handsome Doctor is Don in Belle's dream world. He nurses a recovering Belle and wouldn't mind playing doctor with her after she feels better.

Handsom Doctor

Mark is a 'bad boy' ex who is a talented musician. He is adventurous and mysterious, but unfortunately he likes to party to the extreme, by way of illegal pharmaceuticals.

The Mysterious Man is Mark in Belle's dream world. He is a seductive and mysterious flute player who hides in the shadows of a closed wing inside the hospital. But the dark side of his personality shows through with his disfigured face. He is quick to anger and is happy to replace his loving flute with his lethal blade.

Mysterious Man

The Seductress is a beautiful woman that tries to tempt Belle's man away. Few can resist her charms and even fewer would attempt to. Rumor is she was Don's latest indiscretion.


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